Sunday, March 20, 2011

work in progress

"Super Secret Project" Currently displayed in the "Feast for the Eyes" exhibition at LibertyTown Arts Workshop:

Won Honorable Mention:

Model is Kadeana Langford.  And Yes, she actually put her face in the cake. The cake and party hats are fron Giant. She said it was delicious and smelt great for a week in her nose :)

Theme: She invited guests and got her own Birthday cake and place settings for her friends...but...sadly they do not show. There was only one thing left to do

A Civil War oil paintng in progress:

I won tickets on the radio last year to attend a Civil War reenactment and captured
this amazing moment, among many others.

Finished Civil War piece:

Dedicated to the participants, both North and South, in the great American Civil War
1861 - 1865
A day to apprciate, April 15th. 


I will be creating more unique Civil War Paintings, if you have an idea of one you'd like to see made let me know.

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  1. Hi Jenna,
    Welcome to the blogging world! I will 'introduce' you to my readers in the next few days...stay tuned. Dan